CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > Dulcimers in London

Ted Carr - musical life

He bought a banjo at one time, having always been fond of it, and when a local teacher moved away, Ted took on his pupils; however, he found the problems caused by students of widely varying standards too much, and gave it up after a few months trial.

Ted has travelled all over the country to play, using the name Ted Carr because it is a little more snappy than his family name; even when he was travelling as far as the East Midlands - he mentioned Leicester, Hinkley and Rugby - and Newcastle, he never missed a day's work for it, for the stability was always important to him.

He reckons he has broadcast on radio some 30 times, and on TV half-a-dozen times, and has amusing anecdotes to tell, about how the thrill of being backed by a 'name' band was tempered by the realisation that having no amplification, he couldn't be heard... and tales about celebrated personalities going bankrupt, and the like.

At one time, he had an act with two banjos and a dulcimer, and occasionally a guitar for sound contrast tuned banjo style, along with a one-string-fiddle and a comedian; but nowadays he prefers to play alone, or with his son on organ or piano; "I never did play with anyone else".