CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > 'British' dulcimers 1800-1945

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Charles Roylance, How to Play the Chromatic Dulcimer, London 1890

The tune entitled The "Neptune" Hornpipe appears in Kerr as the Washington Hornpipe, in the key of A (24).

"The great embellishment in Dulcimer Playing is an effective introduction of the "ROLL. To do this with taste and neatness, it will be necessary for the student to practise the following exercises, commencing at first slowly and afterwards increasing the pace until great speed is attained. Always commencing with the RIGHT HAND BEATER:

"Note: As to where and when the above and following "rolls" should be introduced in the music, must be left to the judgement and good taste of the performer. Experience will be the student's most reliable guide in this respect."

Repertoire: Blue Bells + variations; the Death of Nelson (with repeated notes as rolls); the De'il among the Tailors, Irish Washerwoman; St. Patrick's Day; otherwise as before.