CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > 'British' dulcimers 1800-1945

The professional makers

Many instruments were made by professionals, however, and the names of John Gray & Sons and Douglas & Co., occur most often.

The London Trade Directories for the years on either side of 1900 mention no dulcimer makers specifically, but some of the pianoforte makers also made dulcimers: Douglas & Co. are listed in 1898 as piano makers and importers, and sewing machine importers; at this time the premises were also occupied by a watch-maker and an importer of African goods.

They included the address on their instrument labels, 7 South Street, London E.C.: the author's own first dulcimer was one of these.

In 1911 they were listed as TA [trading as] Emptrix, while in 1915 they were sharing the premises with five other concerns including a sewing-machine maker.

They were still there in 1925, but by 1933 they had moved to 6 Christopher Street, E.C.2., where they are last mentioned in 1935. There is, however, no clue as to when they stopped making dulcimers (15).