CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > 'British' dulcimers 1800-1945

'British Dulcimers', 1800 - c.1945

Dulcimers in 19thC. literature?
The Worshipful Company of Musicians
Street musicians between the wars
Reader's queries and their answers
Charles Gray, The Dulcimer: How to Make it

A second batch of queries and answers

Paul Hasluck, How to make and play a dulcimer
The professional makers
The inventors
Dulcimers with banjos, concertinas - and puppets
Buskers in the street, and Quakers at home
Five printed tutors
An unsolved riddle

The location of each item of source material from the British Isles has been charted, and it is apparent that apart from the regional styles identifiable today, there were dulcimers in many other areas.

These may have had some further regional characteristics which have yet to be identified, or they may have been in a common British style, which in some areas disappeared completely, and elsewhere strengthened and gained individual character, as discussed below.