CHAPTER 5: Dulcimers in other countries since 1800

The Pacific Region

Australia & New Zealand

The only dulcimer-player which this 1976 study discovered in the entire Southern Hemisphere is a Scot living in New Zealand, David Cloughley; he is discussed under Scotland.

Now, in 2002, I have heard from Gillian Alcock that a number of Scots also arrived in Australia with their instruments, although the Scottish influence is stronger in New Zealand:

"When you were writing in the early 1970's the dulcimer was virtually unknown here, except in some small ethnic communities. I made my first one in 1976. There were two other makers who were making in the 80's but they gave it away.

Today, there is me in Canberra, Dale Jacobsen in Queensland and Nic Morrey in Melbourne making. Of course the occasional person makes one just for themselves."

The dulcimer in Australia