CHAPTER 5: Dulcimers in other countries since 1800 > Far East


Apart from one photograph in Buchner, all the research discovered on Tibetan dulcimers has been done by Geoffrey Samuel (81).

The instruments are Chinese, and the Chinese name is often used, although the local names are to be heard also (gyü-mang etc. - see Chapter 2).

The ensemble consists of two lutes, two fiddles, dulcimer, and sometimes flute.

The repertoire includes national songs (the players are Tibetans in exile), a prayer for the long life of the Dalai Lama, and songs from Western Tibet, more modern, and consisting of a slow and a fast part.

See also discography, and Geoffrey Samuel's article, currently in preparation for Ethnomusicology, Sep. 1976.

Note, in Buchner's illustration, the wavy soundboard, otherwise unknown apart from Northern Ireland.