CHAPTER 5: Dulcimers in other countries since 1800 > Eastern Europe

Greece - 1 of 9: Dimitris B. Kofterós, Santouri of Lesbos, 1997

Dimitris B. Kofteros

He was born in Boro on Lesvos in 1951 and began learning the santouri in 1978. His teacher was the well-known virtuoso, Tasos Diakogiorgis. He has worked as a professional santouri player since 1980. He has been a regular member of the ensemble of the Dora Stratou Theatre since 1984. He has participated in various concerts in Greece and abroad. He has participated in TV shows and radio programmes. He has taken part in several recordings. He produced the cassette Lesbian folk festival. He has dealt both theoretically and in practice with the construction of the santouri and published a book about it in Greek, the title of which translates as Study of the Santouri in Greece.

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