CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > Dulcimers in the later 20th century

David Kettlewell - "Here, weren't you on the telly?!"

I developed my own technique whilst travelling to find other players, busking for several hours a day to support myself over numerous periods of a month or two.

The warmth of the receptions which the instrument was given encouraged me to form a performing trio with the dulcimer as a principal feature: the trio is called Trotto, after the 14th century dance, and the other members are Richard Brecknock (fiddle, Hardanger fiddle and rebec) and David Lochner (guitars and lute).

Trotto has played at concerts, banquets, folk clubs and festivals, at venues all over the England and in Scandinavia, including the Royal Albert Hall, an assortment of cathedrals and Stockholm's Modern Art Museum; the group has also broadcast on radio and TV.

It is remarkable how often a player whom I am visiting for the first time will exclaim: "Here, weren't you on the telly?!"; and gratifying - but in some ways rather sad - that the conversation often flows much more freely and warmly as a result.

The LP Trotto features the dulcimer on four tracks, both plucked and hit, solo and accompanying.

The earlier cassette albums from which some of the LP tracks were taken featured the group in an electric format, the dulcimer being fitted with contact mikes; the reasons for not continuing in this way were ergonomic rather than musical, for the problem of transporting equipment were taking more energy than the music.