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'You're not genuinely seeking work'

JIMMY COOPER - interviewed by Alan Ward - 6 of 11

When the Works did close finally I had to go to the labour exchange to see them. And I went up and this little man sitting behind the desk said 'you're not genuinely seeking work, y'know'. I said 'Man, I would work if I only got my food'. He says 'You're not genuinely seeking work and you're not getting no money' - and I got no money, nothing. So that's why we had to go busking or something, nothing else to do; but it was an education.

I started on the buses about 1926-27. We were working practically seven days a week then. I started on lorries first - I learned on a lorry... I drove the last solid tyres - chain drive sprockets - an old 1914 Albion out the First war. That was my first job at driving from Glasgow to Dundee. I used to run Glasgow to London 1929. Then I left the buses in '42, during the War, and I went on the the Ministry of War Transport. I was based in Airdrie but was travelling long distance y'know- Lowestoft, Liverpool - travelling with beef y'see to the army and navy.