CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > Dulcimers in Scotland

Recordings on 78 rpm discs - 4 of 4: Dominic McNally

There is one more 78-rpm record, in which the dulcimer is rather more striking: Dominic McNally singing his own songs, accompanying himself on the dulcimer in tempo rubato recalling gipsy cimbalom style just a little.

The matrix numbers show that they were recorded one day between 1929 and 1931, in America; they were never issued in Britain, and Reg Hall, to whom I owe the data about 78s, bought his copy from the States:

W 113500-1 Darling Machree by Dominic McNally
W 113501-1 The Sunshine Sailed away from Killarney McNally?
Columbia 3351OF

Note that both were first-take masters.