CHAPTER 4: Dulcimers in the British Isles since 1800 > Dulcimers in East Anglia

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Billy Bennington, considered by some to be the best living player in East Anglia today; a retired gardener, was taught by Billy Cooper - "before I'm going to teach you tunes you've got to learn them scales", and he was the only one of his pupils who "really stuck at it" (29) - and has a very similar style, They used to play together - "I used to play, like, the lead, and he used to play the seconds you see, sort of alto part" - and as a solo player Billy has played in talent contests, on radio and TV, and is featured on record (see Discography); he is currently [1976] helping with the King's Lynn Museum's special exhibition, "Singing and Dancing was all my Delight".

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