David Kettlewell died, of heart disease, in April 2011. As he wished, this website is being maintained in memory of his ideas, and his influence on the people he met and taught. All contact details containing his name are null and void, of course, but further details on some of the pages can be obtained from his brother p.kettlewell@skynet.be.
Tha transfer of David's thesis to electronic form was almost complete; in the left navigation column, "sources" and "process" (under "Introduction) were still waiting and at the bottom, "Etymology", "Structure" and "European fretted instruments" were also not transferred.
Throughout, texts have been left in the present tense, as he wrote them.

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The music in the animated introduction is from the CD Katie's Quartet, Old Hat Music OH3CD;
the dulcimer-player is Reg Reader, who I didn't even know about when I wrote the thesis ...

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